about us

Recovery Starts Now

Our Mission statement

 To facilitate treatment for anyone who is wanting to change any behavior that does not bring value to their life. Using professional and companionate means.

Our vision

To be on the front lines of addiction, educating the community and disqualifying the stigma of addiction. 

Why us?

Recovery Starts Now has been providing Mobile Counselling treatment since 2020 and we are dedicated to helping anyone who wants to recover from substance misuse, abuse, or addiction. At the same time facilitating the highest quality level of care with an experience in treatment that will last your whole recovery and a better quality of life over a lifetime. We are committed to treating everyone with compassion, dignity, and respect. Your long-term recovery is important to us. Recovery Stars Now is convenient and is a %100 online with mobile services as needed. We offer sessions at any time of the day accommodating any schedule. Recovery Starts Now combines passion and personal experiences that correlate into an effective support system in treating maladaptive behaviors 

“For 14 years my family has been on the rollercoaster of addiction. Trying programs, counselors, psychiatrist, and psychologist that could help us navigate addiction. However, not until we met Tomas did, we start seeing results. His kindness, caring and compassion stands out above others. We are enjoying the fruits of his labor and most importantly he has skills that get results.”

sheri h,

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